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Summer’s Here — Time for a New Scent! 06/21/2010

  Well, it’s official … Summer has started as of today!  Summer time is a great time to make a change to a new fragrance or perfume, but there are a couple of things that we should all remember as it relates to summer scents.

First, it is hotter.  Yes, that was obvious I know, but when it is hotter out two things occur.  First, the heat itself magnifies any fragrance … this is put into practice every time you light a scented candle.  So it is only natural that the heat from the summer sun will help to magnify any fragrance that you put on.  Second, our bodies naturally sweat more during the summer, and our sweat when mixed with certain fragrances can again magnify them and make them much more powerful than they are on their own.  So, even if you decide not to try out a new fragrance for the summer, you may want to use a little less than you normally do during the winter, spring and fall in order to compensate for the heat.  And those of you that do want to try something new?

1.  Think Fruity!  Nothing screams summer more than all of the fresh fruits that we find available, and you can replicate that with your fragrance as well.  In the mood for something tropical, like Mango’s or Papaya’s?  Then try out Escada’s Tropical Punch perfume, or Victoria Secret’s Moorea Passion Fruit that you can get in a 3 piece body care set.  How about something more creamy & rich, like Coconut & Vanilla?  Vanilla Coconut perfume by Lavanila  and Susan Lang’s Vanilla Coconut Eau de Parfum would be right up your alley.  Like your citrusy Lemons & Limes & Grapefruits?  Then check out Estee Lauder’s Azuree or Colonia Assoluta from Acqua di Parma.  And of course, you have lots of just plain old fun choices to think about — Juicy Couture Pure perfume (watermelon & mandarin oranges), DKNY Be Delicious (apples), and Coty’s Desperate Housewives Forbidden Fruit Perfume (apples, oranges & peaches).

2. Think Tropical Flowers!  Summer always brings thoughts of the Islands, and the gorgeous scented flowers that one can find on them.  One of the most classic tropical floral perfumes you will ever find is Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani.  Pacifica’s Tahitian Gardenia spray perfume is another to think about trying on.  And let us not completely forget about Tommy Bahama’s Signature Women’s Eau de Parfum, because if anyone knows tropical it really is Tommy!

3.  Think Clean & Fresh!  The beach on a crystal blue sky day with just a light breeze blowing in off of the water.  The morning stroll through the yard or park with the dew still on the grass and the sweet stillness from the night air lingering.  The crisp mountain air breathed in during a drive through the hills.  These are some of the images of summer we think of when we talk about clean & fresh, and you can find these scents and fragrances in a new perfume to try out also.  CLEAN makes a number of wonderful perfumes that fit into this category that you may want to check out.  You may also want to consider Thunderstorm by Demeter Fragrance Library, Aqua Motu by Comptoir Sud Pacifique, and Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue Pour Homme.

4.  Don’t forget the Guys!  Want to give your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, or any other male in your life a new scent for summer?  There are many different colognes that will help fit the bill for him as well, and give him a chance to try out something different.  My personal favorite is Tommy Bahama’s Very Cool, but there are so many more these days to choose from.  Nautica’s Blue, AQVA Pour Homme by Bulgari, Erolfa by Creed, Tommy Summer and Tommy Summer Beach Chair by Tommy Hilfiger, and Capri Orange by Acqua di Parma are all excellent choices.

So, go out there and have some fun with a new scent — it’s summertime!!


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