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Spring Jasmine Blooming 05/14/2010

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Our Jasmine Blooming

We are blessed to have one side of our backyard patio pergola absolutely covered in Jasmine vines, and blooming more spectacularly than ever before this year.  If you have never had an opportunity to experience the heady floral aroma of Jasmine while sitting outside on a spring evening, I am truly sorry!  We hadn’t either until we moved here 10 years ago, and when remodeling our backyard & patio a few years ago it was an absolute must-have for us.  The rich, full, sweet scent is intoxicating to smell, and such a harbinger to springtime down here.  You will find it growing and blooming everywhere, and you can pick any country or wooded road to take a drive down, lower your windows, and just breathe it in.  It is truly exhilarating!


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