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Making Scents: The Art and Passion of Fragrance 05/12/2010

Longwood Gardens is presenting their first major exhibition that is currently running now and will continue all summer and into this fall until November.  “Making Scents: The Art and Passion of Fragrance” is described as an opportunity to “Experience the actual plants and flowers behind iconic perfumes, explore the mysterious power of the sense of smell, discover the unique combination of creative artistry and intricate science behind perfume composition, and have the opportunity to compose a basic fragrance at the Make Your Own Fragrance stations”.

More than 260 special aromatic plants and flowers have been added to the over 5500 types of plants from around the world that are housed in the conservatory.  Displays both in the conservatory and throughout the surrounding gardens will allow visitors an ability to see, touch and smell many different natural fragrances from the plants and flowers.  Different areas of the exhibition are being devoted to the scientific aspects of how we smell and respond to aromas, how perfumes are developed and made, tracing the key moments in the history of perfume, and a place to develop your own basic fragrance.

Additionally, there are going to be expert guest speakers throughout the season, as well as “Fragrant Fridays” which will be held once every month (on a Friday of course) and that will be a full-sensory focus on a single different fragrance for each of those days … i.e. Chocolate on one Fragrant Friday, Lavender on another.  Finally, the exhibition will be continuously changing and providing new experiences in a natural way as different plants and flowers come into bloom during the coming months with Lilacs & Narcissus now in the spring, Roses & Lavender & Scented Geraniums during the summer, Sages & Mints & Rosemary during the fall, and Paperwhites & Pines & Firs in the early winter.

Longwood Gardens is located just outside of Kennet Square, PA, an easy short drive from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wilmington and just a couple hours from New York and Washington DC.


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