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Memorialize Your Wedding Day 05/11/2010

You plan out every detail of your special day … the dress, the tux, the colors, the day, the time, the place, the cake, the decorations, the rings, the flowers, the music, the photographer, the food, the drinks, and so many more details that it is impossible for me to list them all here.  And in the years that go by afterwards, there will be many triggers you come across that will remind you of your Wedding day.  A flower in a garden that was in your bouquet.  A song on the radio (if radio still exists then!) that played during your reception.  A piece of cake at a restaurant that was the same as your wedding cake. 

Of the 5 senses that we have, the strongest link to our memories by far is from our sense of smell.  I’ll go into the reasonings and details in a later post so as to not bother you with all of the scientific findings now … suffice it to say that your sense of smell will trigger more powerful memories in your brain than any of your other 4 senses can.  So when you take this knowledge together with the fact that your Wedding day is one of the single most (if not the single most) day that you will want to remember for the rest of your lifetime, doesn’t it make sense to incorporate scents into your Wedding?

The use of scents in Weddings is becoming much more prevalent these days, and in a way it seems only logical.  For years and years and years we have worked on providing an experience for all of other senses during our Wedding days … the perfect lighting and pictures for our eyes, the right songs and music playing for our ears, the textures and feel of the fabrics we wear for our fingers, and the taste of the cake and food and drinks that we serve.  But our sense of smell was most often forgotten and not especially planned for.  Oh yes, some people have planned accordingly and have been blessed with the opportunity to speak their vows under a fragrant arch of Jasmine in the spring, or on a southern plantation when the Magnolia trees are in bloom, or on a coastal beach with a beautiful sea breeze calmly blowing in the air.  But for each one of those lucky enough to get the perfect timing down with Mother Nature for a natural scenting, there have been hundreds if not thousands of Weddings that took place in locations and facilities that maybe, just maybe, a little scenting help might have been good!

Memorializing your Wedding day need not be an expensive idea, nor does it mean that you need to run out and create a custom fragrance to wear (though you most certainly can if you desire … there are lots of fragrance houses and perfumers that will work with you directly to create your own custom fragrance).  You can do simple things to create a memorable atmosphere that will be remembered for years to come, such as picking very fragrant (and fresh) flowers for your bouquets, using herbs such as lavender and scattering them about, placing fragrant sachets at each table for guests to take home, burning scented candles, and even using scent machines to fill the entire space with your chosen fragrance.

One word of caution I should provide is to try and ensure that you don’t over-power your guests with too much fragrance!  Maintaining a good balance of scented and neutral zones is important for your guests, especially those that may be more sensitive to them.  Other than that, have some fun and think of different ways to use scent in your wedding.  Have a relaxing fragrance for during your ceremony itself, a spicy fragrance for your reception, and a decadent gourmet chocolate or french vanilla during dessert and your cake ceremony.  And don’t forget to use scent in establishing that your upcoming Wedding day is one not to be missed by incorporating it into your invitiations … spritz them with a bit of the perfume you are going to be wearing, or with a fragrant oil spray that will be reflected in the flowers you are choosing, or include a sachet or other fragrant item so that every time they smell it they will think about your Wedding.

And for years to come afterwards.


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