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Is That A White Castle Burger I Smell? 05/07/2010

In what is a new twist for an All-American icon in the hamburger, White Castle has released a new scented candle that smells like, well, a hamburger!  And not just any old hamburger smell … White Castle worked with Laura Slatkin (founder of Nest Fragrances) in order to try and recreate the unique smell of their Sliders, those ubiquitous square little hamburgers and cheeseburgers that people eat 2, 4, 6 or more at a time.  And also made hugely popular in a recent movie!

The White Castle candle follows in the same mode as one of the other interesting items that they sell & giveaway … the hamburger scented car air freshener hanger.  And we all want our cars to smell just like a bag of hamburgers these days, don’t we?  Actually, it’s not a bad scent come to think of it … but it does make me hungry all of the time.  While currently sold out of the candles online, you can go to the White Castle website and sign up to be notified when they get more stock of the candles in.  And hurry, because they are going to be on sale for a limited time only.

Though quirky and not for everyone, the proceeds of the candle sales are going to a great cause in Autism Speaks, and that alone makes it worthwhile to pick one up.  Especially when they are only $10!  Good eating!!


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