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Matching Scents, Flowers and Colors at your Wedding 05/05/2010

With so many colors, flowers and fragrances to choose from these days, how does one begin to match them together?  Well, there are certain classic combinations of colors, flowers and fragrances that have historically gone together, and here are some of them that may help you get started as you plan the overall look and feel (and scent!) of your special day.

  • Bold, deep Red combined with Roses
  • White paired with exotic Lily’s and Jasmine
  • Pink combined with Carnations
  • A combination of Pastel colors mixed with Tulips
  • Lavender combined with Lavender
  • Violet together with Lilacs
  • Creamy White and Magnolia blossoms
  • Yellows and Oranges mixed with Daffodils
  • Cool Blues combined with Hydrangea
  • Browns and Golds together with exotic Orchids

These are but a few of the matchings that are available … there are so many more for you to explore!


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